Global Village – the whole world situated on 1000sqm

IMG_2783euIn October 2013 we opened our global village, the first English orientated nursery school in Berlin Tempelhof. The 3000m² premises west of Mariendorf have 102 children aged between 1 and 6 years. The groups are organised in 6 continental theme orientated class rooms with an additional group for the very young children / babies.

Language development, cognitive development, creative learning, individual attention and project orientated work is the focus of our educational institution.

The Global Village concept mirrors the increasing globalisation of all cultures. At Global Village the children take a trip around the world on six continents. Every year the children migrate from “continent” to “continent” with their teachers in accordingly furnished rooms. Our main educational aim is early English development and awareness for other cultures and languages. Our rooms are appropriately furnished.

Teaching a foreign language awakens the curiosity of children and provides them with an opportunity to connect and getting to know different cultures in a playful manner. Examples of cultural expressions like dance, pictures, songs, sounds, symbols, rituals, stories etc. are realised through intensive project (continent) orientated activities and then it is also presented by the children.


We provide a highly qualitative childcare service all day long and support children in acquiring basic skills individually and age appropriately. We recognise the individual uniqueness of every child. Our child centred institution, provides abundant possibilities for learning and growing. It is our wish to have a cooperative relationship between parents and teachers as well as support each child individually, according to his personal needs and skills. We wish to maximise developmental potential and a healthy self-image in all children.

We offer the children who are coming into the primary school a separate specialised preschool programme, making the transition into primary school easier to manage.

Our educational aim is the daily use of English and is “taught” to the children in an age appropriate manner. Our other focus is music and movement.

Our institution is closely situated to industries and therefore contributes in enabling you to reconcile career and family life.

Our longer opening hours are a support for working parents.


Opening times

Mon to Fri. 6:30 to 18:00

Closing times

  • Christmas holidays and New year (10 days)
  • 3 Weeks in the summer holidays
  • All official Public holidays

Location and facilities

Ringstraße is situated to the West of Mariendorf in the urban district of Tempelhof Schöneberg. We have an excellent connection to the public transportation network and adequate parking is available.

The complete property has an area of 3000m² including a mature tree population and our own fruit and vegetable patch and the playground is accordingly furnished with child friendly climbing and balancing equipment as well as an enormous sandpit.

The special concept of Global Village’s continental themes are mirrored in the garden with little “continental areas” for example our “Asian” garden.

a621d96850758e33c62f02da9d0e7792The available newly renovated stables provide us with rooms for our special concept. Here you find the parents café, the kid’s bakery, and the multifunctional sports hall. We are in the process of planning a children’s / petting zoo. Global Village strives to be an oasis for the well being of children and parents.

Our house has three floors and consists of 7 class rooms with additional secondary rooms. For the furnishing of the rooms careful consideration was given to the age and needs of the children, ensuring the use of non-hazardous and child friendly material. The secondary rooms are functionally furnished for their appropriate purposes and the class rooms are furnished in the style and concept of the continents. Every floor has adequate sanitary facilities and all through the house multifunctional rooms are available.

Educational realisation

The our educational aim is an intensive language development.

IMG_3222euEvery child is appointed to a fixed, age related group and is cared for by 2 – 3 teachers. All teachers care for the children jointly thus ensuring reliable child minders who are there for the children’s well being in a protected and secure environment, within their groups.

Our educational aim is the daily use of English integrated into the daily plan and it is taught to the children in an age appropriate manner. The children learn the foreign language firstly through the speech melody by hearing it, then through imitation by participating in speaking / singing in English songs, rhymes, verses, poems, stories, circle games etc. The English activities incorporate the use of all senses as well as the gross; and fine motor skills.

From the very beginning the children are brought closer to the English language, learning the existence of other languages alongside the mother tongue.

External personnel, “teaches” the English language and this is then taken up by the nursery school teachers in their respective groups.

In consultation with the parents the teachers looks for the best possible, most gentle and individually planned way to make the first adjustment period for new children, easy and stress free. All children migrate every year with their teachers through all the continents, depending on the age they enter our nursery school, thus getting to know the different cultures, lifestyles and character of the respective inhabitants on these different continents. The teacher remains with the group giving it the security and stability it needs and the change of class rooms and its themes from year to year has a positive effect on the development of the children. Our age related groups are subdivided as follows:



  1. Globalies
  2. Africa
  3. Antarctic
  4. Europe
  5. Asia
  6. America
  7. Australia

The size of the groups is determined by the age groups of the children.

The activities of the children are orientated around the Berlin learning program, mixed with the concept of the continents and other countries. There are also project intertwined themes; e.g. holidays, festivities, rituals, nature, music and language.

We apply the Berlin learning program as the working foundation of our daily schedule in all groups:

  1. Body, motor skills and health
  2. Social and cultural environment
  3. Communication, language and writing culture
  4. Creative design and Art
  5. Music
  6. Mathematics
  7. Natural science and technical basic experience

For these learning areas we have the following appropriately furnished rooms available:

  • Maths / ABC
  • Natural science
  • Sports
  • Art

It goes without saying that many of these learning areas are found in the children’s daily activities. For e.g. the morning circle where the children move, make social and cultural contacts, verbal and non verbal interaction is cultivated music is made, when children count, name the weekdays, the date, the weather, the seasons and much more.

Sponsors and cooperation partners

IMG_2769euDay care centres with early English in other urban areas have proven that this concept is valid and has practically become indispensable. There is a great demand for this kind of offer in early child care institutions and are gratefully accepted by many families. Institutions with this kind of concept find a large acceptance from many surrounding districts, and have large admission numbers.

The lack of an English orientated institution in Tempelhof motivated the beginnings of Global Village.

The Global Village concept has found a positive resonance from the local authorities and of course from our most important and biggest partner in cooperation, the Großbeerenstaße e.V Network situated in Berlin’s second biggest industrial area.

Contributing to the growth of Tempelhof as an attractive economical- and residential location with qualitative life, a cultural and family friendly environment and a good infrastructure is very important for many local business.

Global Village provides the local industry with an employee friendly institution, therefore making it easier for many to reconcile career and family life.

In order to guarantee the long term existence of this concept and give all children a good preschool education as well as enabling an exceptional child care service Global Village is dependent on important cooperation partners, financial donors and sponsoring of various materials.

We hope to have awakened an interest for our project, and would be happy to receive positive feedback!